Follow the Fae on their Journey.

Queen Aurora and King Jarvok are exhausted and battle-worn after centuries of fighting...
attrition has taken its toll upon both the Court of Light and the Court of Dark.

Humans have suffered and moved away from the old ways which will change the balance of
power for all Fae.

Join the Fae as they continue to fight for survival and find their place in the world.


Hardcover - Paperback - eBook

Journey into the world of the Fae.

Abandoned after The Great War with Lucifer, powerful angels struggle to survive on Earth in an epic tale of good versus evil.

Adventure into an amazing new world and  experience the excitement for yourself.

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Hardcover - Paperback - eBook - Audiobook

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The Author

Danielle M. Orsino — destined to be a writer from a young age — was working as a nurse, treating a patient who needed some distractions during long treatment sessions, when inspiration struck.

Orsino reached back to a forgotten skill, a childhood dream. From a young age, she had wanted to be a writer, so she decided to tell her patient a story. Little did she know a seed was planted that day; a seed that would grow into a fantastically epic adventure of heartbreak, hope, and rebirth:

Locked Out of Heaven: Birth of the Fae Book One.

Thine Eyes of Mercy: Birth of the Fae Book Two.

Drawing from her passion for comic books, cosplay, and the fantasy genre, along with her martial arts expertise, Orsino brings forth an electric and hopeful book debut. She is taking on her biggest challenge to date — a story born from the long treatment sessions with a patient, and building it into a fantasy book series, Birth of the Fae.

Expanding on her love of writing and comics, and exploring the world of fantasy novels, she delves into the realm of fairies, retelling their origins from a completely new perspective.

Author2.JPG amazing work of fantasy adventure which will take you on a magical journey... 

John Kerry

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The World of the Fae
The Veil
Sunrise Bay
Court of Light
Bridge of Oroki
Oaken Door
Niamia Falls
River Nimbue
Ignis Grando Valley
Shooting Star
Landing Site
Waters at Bloodhaven
Crystal Catacombs
Court of Dark