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A Fae Is Done

The Fae journey continues.

Alliances shift as dark mysteries bubble to the surface. A prophecy reading brings a ray of hope for some and foretells certain doom for others. The Oracles speak of a future child who will unite the Fae courts and bring karmic retribution.

Unlikely heroes will be forced together by fate, while unexpected enemies are revealed.

There are Fae in both courts that have plenty to hide. Some would kill to keep their secrets. Some are willing to die for them.

Praise & Reviews

The Author

Danielle M. Orsino is a fantasy novelist whose compelling word-weaving pays homage to a multitude of personal muses, from Chris Claremont and George Pérez (both famous comic book writers), to Anne Rice, Jim Henson and Wonder Woman. The creative spark of storytelling has been with Danielle ever since she was a child, but martial arts and her nursing career took center stage into adulthood.


Then, on a day like any other, it was reignited during the most unexpected of moments: while treating one of her patients. It started as a simple tale to distract her patient and transformed into a fantastical narrative that would become the foundation for the series "The Birth of Fae".


In keeping with the roots of her creativity, Danielle appears on the cover of each book in all her Fae cosplay glory. The series also features Los, an affable chameleon dragon, inspired by her fun-loving Yorkie named Carlos.

This “New Queen of the Fae’s” unmatched world-building and masterful Fae-origin retellings have led to an ever-growing queendom of “Fae-natics”.

Danielle M. Orsino
Birth of the Fae Book Series
Locked Out Of Heaven
Thine Eyes Of Mercy
From The Ashes
Fae Tales From The Veil
Fire, Ice, Acid & Heart
Reader Reviews
Absolutely brilliant world-building in this story...a story of angels without purpose and direction from their creator who journey to find their way...creating a world of their own making...


Lauri Miss Dysfunktion,
Good Reads
What a wild ride!...every fantasy lover should read this book right now!...something truly unique...prepare to enter an extraordinary world...


Allie Barnard,
I absolutely loved this book...the descriptions were vivid and you could see it all unfolding in front of you...the pacing is perfect and keeps the story moving...the most disappointing part was reaching the end of the book...


L. Shadowlyn,
Barnes & Noble
The World of the Fae
The Veil
Sunrise Bay
Court of Light
Bridge of Oroki
Oaken Door
Niamia Falls
River Nimbue
Ignis Grando Valley
Shooting Star
Landing Site
Waters at Bloodhaven
Crystal Catacombs
Court of Dark

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